About Us

The Appomattox Courthouse Theatre began in 2006, as an effort to save the old courthouse. The Appomattox County Board of Supervisors graciously agreed to allow for the courthouse to be used as a community theatre. The theatre first opened it's door to an audience in the fall of 2006 with a production of Whodunnit? and a spring production of Witness for the Prosecution in 2007. The second year saw ACT add a third show to it's season in the winter. As the theatre began to grow so did the audience and overall support.

Now entering into it's ninth season, ACT has become a thriving, non-profit community theatre that has grown substantially, not only in support from with in the community but outside of the community as well. The theatre began performing seven shows per run, built it's first full set with a backstage in 2011 for The Mousetrap, and finally raised the stage for The Man Who Came to Dinner in 2012, with help from J.E. Jamerson and Sons for supplies and help from within the community with its construction. The theatre has more recently begun extensive cosmetic changes, mainly in the form of painting, with help from Wet Paint.

We hope that, if you have been to one of our productions, you have enjoyed yourself and taken notice to the desire our actors and crew have to deliver the finest performances and put on the best show possible. Afterall, without an audience we have no support and no one to perform for. ACT wishes to thank not only our audiences for nine memorable seasons, but to the community and local businesses for all your support.